About us

As a result of strong teamwork and a friendship coming from this, we decided to start building this adventure, Bow Engineering, founded in January 2022. Focused on ship design and engineering, based on new ideas, strong cooperation with other companies, trying to achieve always high standards and excellent quality.

Being involved in the yacht industry for 10 years each one of us, we put our passion, knowledge and experience at your service. We develop and work on projects from concept, through the basic and detail to the production design stage, using AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Cadmatic or Maxsurf software.

We believe that new and innovative design is based on the perpetual recycling and regeneration of old and aquired knowledge in order to produce “new knowledge” for the future, with respect, collaboration, open mindedness and compromise.

Terms and conditions: we work with DNR 2011. It is the best arrangement for concluding agreements between consultants (architects and engineers) and clients.


Adrian Santos

MSc. Naval architect - Owner
Email: info@bow-engineering.nl
Tlf: +31 (0) 682 445 788

Bram Berkhout

BSc. Senior engineer - Owner
Email: info@bow-engineering.nl
Tlf: +31 (0) 631 939 676

Bart van der Meulen

Freelance Engineer - Collaborator
Email: info@bow-engineering.nl

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