Detail and Production Engineering

We can be your partner for the complete detail engineering process from 3D modeling to 2D workshop drawings and production information in Cadmatic, Rhinoceros or AutoCAD software. We can also assist you in coordination construction, changes management and production directly at the shipyard.


We can assist you to create 3D models and drawings from basic design up to detailed engineering considering integration of equipment, ducting, outfitting items etc. After that proceed with the production engineering of hull blocks, assemblies, panels, profile sketches and parts.

Our experience in shell plating comes from an extensive work relation with IHC Metalix. As a result of which we can draw the complete shell plating of a hull. We start with making all the seams and butts for the deviations from thickness/ material quality and sections. After this we divide these plates according to trade sizes and producible plates.


AutoCAD and Cadmatic cover all standard functions needed to create and edit workshop drawings. Compatible with all commonly used file formats: DWG, DXF, IFC and 3dm among others.

We assist to production at the engineering face and also at the workshop and shipyard.


We make a hull database connecting to the customers wishes. Our experience is extensive with making a proper hull database which improves the efficiency of using it as a draftsman. This means to search for the right splitting of hull groups, place curves on the right positions, put the working plane of lines and surfaces logical, etc.