Concept Design


In this first stage we can be your partner to bring your ship from sketch to a 3D model together with a general arrangement, preliminary calculations, power prediction, weight estimation, specifications, among others.

We combine all our knowledge to create a ship from zero. After several change rounds, the result is visible, contains high quality renderings, both exterior and interior, that give the owner a perfect idea about how the yacht is going to be once it is sailing.


Art as part of engineering. Rhinoceros software is now a standard in the maritime industry for 3D design, engineering and fabrication.

This software allows us to create new ship lines, a vessel’s hull, complicated bent surfaces, flattening parts, lines plan, calculation of volumes and center of gravity, calculation of areas, determination of the ship’s hull coefficients, calculation of weights and masses and many other actions connected with shipbuilding like preliminary stability.

Realistic pictures help us to bring the vision alive. For each design stage we offer various presentation options.


The challenge of designing a yacht involves a continuing drive to develop and refine hull forms for improved efficiency, both in terms of streamlining profiles and for weight and cost savings.

Every type of ship hull can be designed, modeled and faired accurate in Rhino with several techniques and strategies. Most important factors are whether the strategy allows fast editing and easy fairing for a flexible workflow and accurate results.